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Humanity school of Learning (Farato the Gambia)

Gives disadvantaged children a future.

To ensure the successful operation of the institution and transparency, we developed an organizational structure, which ensures the flow of control and responsibilities. The organizational chart given below displays the hierarchy of power though it is subject to the changes applicable and inevitable to the organization’s success.

Founder (CEO)     • Fabakary Saidykhan

Codinator               . Malick Faal

Head Teacher        • Ebrims Fatty

Other Teachers     • Isatou Saidykhan

                                    . Fatou Barrow

                                    . Alagie J Keita

                                    . Nyima Jassey

Council of elders   .Ebrima Jarjusay and Sheriff Njie

Staff capacity development

The institution believes that the progress it made is directly proportional to the its resource people, so its development will come directly the way its resource people are, then, since the staff is the most important resource of the institution, it is given a special consideration and in the plans, staff will be provided capacity building workshops, seminars both in local and abroad depending on institutions Financial capacity.

Target Community

The Humanity School of Learning as usual will continue to develop its target community through interventions in participatory approach, capacity building programs in different areas will be provided. There different development projects for children are designed and will be implemented in the near future, among these are:

  1. Computer and English training for young girls who finished their primary/secondary studies in Farato.
  2. Rehabilitation of street children both boys and girls
  3. Distribution of the resource and increasing the resource at the same time as well as mobilization of material that the youth group can get the easy understand such as videocassette, radio tape and DVD set for the visualize the program and listen the tapes from different position in the world that is enjoyable and concerning for the Health, education, STD, HIV AIDS, Religious and empire.